Issue of tokens

The native cryptocurrency of the Everscale blockchain is called EVER(ex. TON Crystal). The initial issue of tokens was 5 billion + 0.5% annually, with all tokens initially distributed on non-financial terms.
The Declaration on Decentralization, the main document of the Everscale network, divides all participants into 3 groups: ordinary network users, developers and validators.
Everscale chose a gradual distribution of coins to fund activities that are aimed at supporting the network (validators), its technical transformation (developers ) and its distribution (partners and users). This method of distributing coins is fundamentally different from how many blockchain networks do it - through ICO (a form of attracting investment in the form of selling to investors a fixed number of new units of cryptocurrencies received by a one-time or accelerated emission).
All EVER crystals from the genesis block are allocated to various predefined Giver smart contracts. EVER assigned to Giver smart contracts cannot participate in voting or otherwise influence the state of the network. Their only function is to automatically distribute TONs to users.
The following 3 giver smart contracts are involved in the distribution of crystals:

Referral Giver.

A smart contract distributes coins to users participating in the development of the network: developers, distributors, advertising agents, administrators of various user groups.
This group of users receives 85% of all coins. This program makes it possible to promote to the masses the ideas spelled out in the declaration on decentralization.
In order to preserve the decentralization of the network, distribution of coins from the initial owners of the network, who at the time of the distribution of coins owned about 30% of the total number of coins, is prohibited to any other party.

Validator Giver

A smart contract designed to subsidize the work of validators has access to 5% of the total number of coins.
The work of validators is supported through DePool smart contracts. This smart contract will ensure gradual complete decentralization.
The rewards are distributed through validator contests. Participants vote through SMV smart contracts. A large number of users should be able to participate in validation, whose work is supported by DePool smart contracts.

Developer Giver

This smart contract is intended to support the work of protocol researchers and developers, as well as to support the network by independent groups. Has access to 10% of coins. The consistent work of the entire community to improve the network architecture, TON protocol, interface design is essential for the success of the entire enterprise. A transparent mechanism has been established to involve the entire community in the development of Everscale through the PPP process (suggestions for improvement). Improvements are accepted by voting.
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