What is Everscale?

Why Everscale?

Everscale's architecture demonstrates that when software algorithms are implemented alongside a blockchain's infrastructure, the software itself ceases to be a performance bottleneck, thereby allowing transaction throughput to scale in direct proportion to network bandwidth.
As such, Everscale’s architecture satisfies the three fundamental properties of a blockchain: scalability, security and decentralization.
Tell us more about documentation overview
At Everscale we are demonstrating that distributed systems research is applicable to blockchain. Furthermore, and much to our surprise, it can be implemented using a mechanism that has been part of Bitcoin since day one:d nLocktime, which can be used to postdate transactions using block height instead of a timestamp.
How does Everscale differ from other platforms?
It includes native sharding with infinite scaling capabilities, meaning that adding new validators increases the blockchain’s throughput of smart contract executions.

How can I contribute and get EVER?

To contribute please visit "Contests" page and find out how it works. Everscale community is always glad to meet and work with experts from any industry.

What wallets are supported?

Where can i buy, sell EVER?

Where can I meet with the community?

What about validation?

How to start building in Everscale?

I have a project to partner with Everscale. What should I do?

How to earn/farm in Everscale?

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