We strongly recommend that you read the Sub-governence section if you have not already done so in order to understand how the decentralized development of Everscale works at the expense of members of its community and contests.
This section provides links to the voting site for each sabgawa, where all the contests proposed for consideration are located, as well as the works of participants, where, among other things, you can take part and earn TON for your expertise.
โ€‹Analytics & Support SG - analytics of partners, subgroups and statistics collection in Everscale
โ€‹Academy SG - creation of an academy for teaching Everscale knowledge
โ€‹Web & Design SG - Everscale design and interface development
โ€‹Wiki SG - developing and filling the Everscale Wiki with content
โ€‹Korea SG - ั€ะฐัะฟั€ะพัั‚ั€ะฐะฝะตะฝะธะต Everscale ะฒ ะšะพั€ะตะต
โ€‹DeFi SG - Everscale TON DeFi Ecosystem Development
โ€‹DevEx (Developer Experience) SG - work on tools, services and programs for the convenience of developers in Everscale
โ€‹DGO (Decentralized Governance Organization) SG - work on the implementation of the decentralized governance system
โ€‹NFT SG - helping the community develop infrastructure for NFT technologies in Everscale
โ€‹SMM SG - creating an information field around Everscale
โ€‹Cryptography SG - development and improvement of the Everscale protocol and applications based on it
โ€‹Community Voice SG - increasing the awareness of Everscale through organizing activity and encouraging the creation of relevant content
โ€‹Formal Methods SG - improvement of programs in Everscale through the use of formal verification methods
โ€‹eSports SG - promoting Everscale and expanding its community through eSports
โ€‹Global community SG - Development of the Everscale ecosystem community (including through network ambassadors
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