Partner's Application
This method should be used if your partnership offer is not related to Grants Program and the option of interacting with the Everscale DeFi Alliance does not suit you.
The following recommendations are based on the experience of previous and current collaboration with projects. They are updated frequently, so please check back from time to time as the community develops.

Placing an offer

Collaboration proposals are posted on the discussion forum under the partnership section, by creating a new topic (top right of the page), approximately 1-3 weeks (recommended) before it is expected to be voted on by the community.
In this case, the responsibility for observing the chat, answering comments, answering questions, etc., rests with the proposer.
It is recommended that you amend the proposal in the thread (not the original proposal, but in response to comments so that the community can track changes) in response to any criticism.
The number of positive reviews and activity determines whether the proposal should be put up for a vote.
After all, if the number of negative comments exceeds the number of positive comments, the vote is unlikely to take place.

Each proposal for partnership must contain the following:

1) Detailed information about the offering party, including its website, description of the main business and statistics, including number of users, number of transactions, volumes, number of active users, paying users, etc.
These are all important for making informed decisions by the community and should be accompanied by links and statistics that can be verified by the community.
2) Details of the main reason for the collaboration itself.
  • What benefit will the proposer get from the integration with Everscale and vice versa?
  • What additional features / value will the Everscale proposer / users receive?
  • Implementation period and forecast of user engagement.
  • Token distribution mechanics, waiting for how the received tokens will be used.
3) A detailed description of the integration process, including costs, terms required for developers (hours / days / months required for implementation).
4) Advance and additional token requests
The Proposer must go through a KYP (โ€œknow your partnerโ€) procedure with the assistance of a third party of the choice of the Everscale Community to confirm that the proposal has been written by the proposer or an authorized representative.
If the proposal for cooperation is written in a language other than English, you must provide a translated into English version. In the event of any discrepancy, the English language will be considered as an official proposal.
Each offer must indicate the address of the wallet to which the tokens will be sent.
Offers that include any upfront tokens in exchange for something like integrations must provide a monthly report that includes verifiable data of
  1. 1.
    The number of tokens spent
  2. 2.
    What they were spent on
  3. 3.
    How many users were recruited to install the wallets, or EVERs purchases, etc., and how much EVER has been distributed to users.
Whenever forum discussion is insufficient to resolve conflicts between parties with different views or to answer multiple questions, the proposer should be prepared to participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) video session with members of the Everscale community. In most cases, it is a great tool for dealing with uncertainty.

We are waiting for your suggestion!

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