In the "Contributors Guide" section, we briefly talked about SubGovernence and the organization of online contests.
Recall that Everscale is developing with the help of the community, and in order to achieve maximum efficiency and speed of development in the network, there are sub-management working groups that are engaged in narrowly focused tasks for the development of the network.
There are many tasks that sub-controls solve, but the main goal is scaling.
The Everscale blockchain and the network community are actively developing, every month more decisions need to be made, more contests to be organized and evaluated, to develop new network applications, to develop new applications and smart contracts, etc.
There is no hierarchy between sub-departments, so they ensure the horizontal development of the decentralized network and community.
Now Everscale has 15 such groups, united either by directions or by ethnicity. Each group has its own voting system.
Initial members are usually the first jury members of their Subgovernance.
Subsequently, they organize a competition for an additional selection of the jury from the community.
This practice exists to make voting on Subgovernance competitions more objective, while minimizing the human factor in judging scores.
In addition, there is the concept of secondary members. This is the name given to those who decided to join the initial members of any Subgovernance. They have the same rights and responsibilities as the latter.
Each Initial members and secondary members Subgovernance takes part:
  • In the organization of work Subgovernance, which consists of setting the vector of development;
  • Voting for competitions, determining their fate
  • In voting for judges in your Subgovernance
  • Attracts new people
  • Initiate payments within the working group

All currently existing β€œworking” Sub Governance groups are listed below:

Analytics & Support SG
Academy SG
Web & Design SG
Wiki SG
DevEx (Developer Experience) SG
DGO (Decentralized Governance Organization) SG
Global community SG
Cryptography SG
Community Voice SG
Formal Methods SG
eSports SG
You can find all links to the voting site of certain sub-governence in the section below:

Sub Governance Groups by Country:

Indian Subcontinent SG
Vietnamese SG
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