Getting started with Everscale smart contracts
Smart contracts on the Everscale network are written primarily in Solidity and C ++.
The EverX team provides a complete set of compilers and tools to support the full cycle of smart contract development in Everscale, opening the following opportunities:Write source code on Solidity, C++ or C​
  • Compile source to assembly: invoke optimizing compilers generating native code for TON VM (TVM)
  • Translate assembly text to binary: assemble and link contract code with standard or custom libraries
  • Secure blockchain interaction: generate or use an existing key pair to communicate with the contract in the blockchain
  • Define account address: compute a unique address for the contract based on its code, initial data and keys
  • Create an account: prepare an account for contract deployment by sending a message transferring blockchain currency to the account address
  • Secure contract deployment: encode the contract binary and sign it with the key pair
  • Initialize the account: send the prepared constructor message to the contract address
  • Work with the contract: use the contract as intended by sending messages to the account address in the blockchain
You can get acquainted in detail with writing smart contracts in Everscale on the TON.Dev documentation page, where you will find all the necessary instructions and tools.
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