This section presents all platforms and protocols available for use at the moment that allow transferring tokens directly to Everscale (ex. Free TON) from other networks.
Everscale is developing rapidly, so the appearance of new bridges will not take long, but at the moment the only available options are Octus Bridge(previously TON Bridge), developed by the Broxus team.
The Octus Bridge, currently the only bridge in the Everscale network, provides unprecedented opportunities, allowing users to bi-directionally move liquidity to Everscale from Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and Binance Smart Chain networks, which will allow transactions with almost zero fees and much more high speeds.
Also, a staking tool is available on the Octus Bridge, as well as the ability to deploy a set of smart contracts on the side network to add new relayers to the bridge.
TON Bridge
You can read the instructions for using Octus Bridge at this link
TON Bridge
TON Bridge
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