The hottest destinations in the crypto world today are DeFi, NFT and Play2Earn.
Everscale launched the first major DEX and NFT platform, while the Play2Earn direction is another growth point for the network, so we invite developers to publish their projects that are in demand among the community:
For those who want to consistently farm under high APY on the first DEX and buy the first NFTs, below is all the information!

What is Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a mechanism for obtaining additional benefits within the framework of the use of a particular protocol, often based on a reward program for providing liquidity to a project, or for active participation in it. This process is very often confused with mining, but it is worth noting that they differ significantly from each other.
Yield Farming is one of the most profitable and liquid sources of income when compared to other areas of the financial market today.

Yield Farming at Everscale

At the moment, Everscale has one major DEX with a reward program for liquidity providers - FlatQube (previously TON Swap)​
FlatQube is a decentralized exchange developed by the Broxus team (one of the leading teams in the successful implementation of its products into the network)
FlatQube allows not only selling and buying TIP-3 tokens, but also investing tokens in liquidity pools, subsequently participating in the reward program.
Farming pools on FlatQube do not have an end date, which allows them to be used in the long term, as well as to change the farming speed without the need to create new pools.
At the moment, the farming speed can change no more than once every two weeks.


There are also several NFT platforms in Everscale , with non-fungible tokens available for purchase. List of currently available NFT platforms in Everscale:
​Crypto Waifus is a collection centered around anime girls, NFTs, and cute faces we call CryptoWaifus. In CryptoWaifus you can buy and collect Waifus of all styles and traits.
​TON Punks - the first NFT Punks collection brought out to you on the Everscale blockchain.
The platform was created by the SVOI.Dev team. CryptoPunks is considered the first collection of NFT tokens, today each of its "punk" is worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each "punk", like CryptoPunks, has different attributes of appearance. The more unique they are, the more it will be possible to help out for it in the future.
The peculiarity of is that users can exchange and create NFTs without interacting directly with the site. NFTs are stored in the user's TTW (TON Token Wallet), which the marketplace does not have access to. Buying and selling NFTs is done using the platform's smart contracts.
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