Mobile Wallets

EVER Wallet

The EVER wallet for smartphones is not inferior in terms of capabilities to the version as an extension. The app has a built-in browser that allows you to connect to Everscale Dapps anywhere in the world.
EVER Wallet | By Broxus


Ever is a free, private and simple blockchain interface that is a wallet for storing funds, as well as a built-in functional chat.
The application provides access to your account, token balance, transaction history and other activities available on the network. The wallet has not only a browser, but also a mobile version. There is also a version for testers.
The wallet combines both basic functions, such as transferring tokens to wallets of other users, but also more specific ones, such as chat, a list of contracts, a browser for debots, built-in bots, developer mode and staking functionality.
An Everscale blockchain browser, crypto wallet and private chat

Killox Wallet

The Kilox Wallet mobile application provides the ability to buy and sell, receive, post and transfer EVER. The application has a function of QR codes that will help you perform quick transactions without entering a wallet address. Users can also leave suggestions for improving the wallet right in their profile.
Приложения в Google Play – KiloX Wallet
A distinctive feature of the following three wallets is not only multicurrency, but also the ability to buy EVER right inside the application using a bank card or other currencies for further storage on the wallet. Of course, they all have their own technical differences, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail on their official websites and choose the one that suits you.
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