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EVER Wallet

EVER Wallet is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to securely manage your original passphrases, private and public keys, and wallets.
Functionality of the extension allows you to import and create seed phrases, manage the permissions you grant to dApps (DEX, bridges, multisig wallets, etc.), create and manage multisig accounts and protect your data with an encrypted local key store.
Also, when creating a wallet, you can choose one of the popular contracts to use.
Broxus Everscale Wallet

Ever Surf

Ever Surf is a free, private and simple blockchain interface that is a wallet for storing funds, as well as a built-in functional chat.
The application provides access to your account, token balance, transaction history and other activities available on the network. The wallet has not only a browser, but also a mobile version. There is also a version for testers.
The wallet combines both basic functions, such as transferring tokens to wallets of other users, but also more specific ones, such as chat, a list of contracts, a browser for debots, built-in bots, developer mode and staking functionality.
TON Surf. Blockchain Communicator: data browser, crypto wallet and private chat
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