Does the customer need to go through KYC?

Yes, a customer needs to go through KYC one time to make transactions using Indacoin.

What are the purchase limits?

Minimum limit
Daily limit
Month limit

What about commissions?

The fee is varies from purchase to purchase as it is based on numerous factors, that's why Indacoin have created a calculator that will tell you the approximate amount of cryptocurrency you will receive, all fees included.
When you use partnername Broxus, the commission for buying EVER will be about 5%

Broxus API

If you want to accept payments using Broxus partnername, you will also need to use the Broxus API in order to create separate addresses to authenticate each customer. You can get acquainted with it by the link.

Can I see the transaction history?

Yes. To do this, you need to go to the admin panel and use partnername and secret to login.

Is it possible to connect recurring payments?

Unfortunately, this option is not available at the moment.

In which countries are Indacoin not available?

You can find a complete list of these countries here.